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Nature-inspired new logo for a fertilizer manufacturer and distributor  

Color logo with background.png


Agroconsult is a fertilizer supplier that has been operating in the Lithuanian market for ten years. In 2022, the company reclassified from a supplier to a manufacturer, established a factory in Lithuania, and became a new market player. The company needed brand revision, positioning, a new visual identity, and professional product packaging to become competitive and generate more sales. The old image of the company looked amateurish, and the product line wasn’t visible at all. In creating this brand, I aimed to create a new image of Agroconsult as a professional company with easy-to-remember and eye-catching fertilizer packaging. For this purpose, I used colour navigation according to the chemical elements found in the fertilizers.


  1. New logo

  2. Icon and watermark usage 

  3. Visual identity

  4. The brand color palette and color usage

  5. Typography

  6. Graphics

  7. Brand Positioning and slogan

  8. New website design

  9. Products Branding

  10. Profesional company presentation

  11. Brochure design

  12. Business card and letterhead design

  13. Social media guidelines and templates

  14. Branded merchandise

With the trust of our customers, we have succeeded in creating a modern brand for Agroconsult. With a completely new positioning of the company, a media strategy, and a boldly renewed visual identity, today, in 2022, Agroconsult can boldly become a manufacturer and enter a new phase in the company's development.


Logo uplift

A brand new logo has been simplified and modernized. The font has been changed to lowercase, and a plant icon has been added to describe the agriculture field of the company. The plant icon indicates the direct effect of the customer's products (fertilizer promotes growth). The lightly rounded letter lines of the new logo give a sense of modernity and cyclicality.


agroconsult jpg formatu.jpg

Alternative logo versions

Color logo with background.png


Black logo - no background.png

Social media logo



The main font is Poiret One whose elegantly thin, high letter lines symbolize the sophisticated feminine professionalism - the font is used for headlines, titles, and so on. , the second font Comfortaa complements the first one and is used to write numbers, call to action buttons, texts, etc.

Poiret One












Color palette

Peony's pink and lilac purple color palettes are matched with anthocyanin pigment or more known as dark blueberry blue color, while black and white colors solidly work behind the scenes. Anthocyanin pigment color is not an accidental choice, the word anthocyanin comes from the Greek words anthos (meaning flower) and having a subconscious meaning of fertilization and femininity. Red to violet color diapason is an evolutionary adaptation that plants developed as a means to attract insects, birds, and animals for pollination. 




Nail polish brush strokes inspired graphic patterns. They are constructed as abstract elements that in the final design evoke associations of lightness, freedom, femininity, creativity, and professionalism. Brush stroke pattern graphics have a variety of 4 different color versions, it will help in the future to create and navigate in different product lines. It is a user-friendly way to help navigate the customers thru products and a good way to differentiate brand products in advertising campaigns.

staciakampis 3000x2000px.png

Business card

1 1545x1000px.png

Sticker and card collection

Without its functional side, different style and occasions stickers are a simple, nice, and affordable way to brand Your products and packing and make them look more professional. They can be used on packing paper, boxes, bags, envelopes and etc. With a help of such a small, like happy holidays sticker, we open the possibility to show more brand colors and visual identity tone, also showing attention to the costumers and sending greetings.

G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (13
G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (14
G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (10
G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (15

Product branding

A professional appearance and well-strategized branding will help the company build trust with consumers, potential clients, and customers. People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal. That's why I created four color navigation product packing branding designs.  Four different brand colors distinguish one product line from another in the eyes of the customer making products easily noticeable when you look through different products as most products are branded with a unique color, design, and logo. Being properly branded gives the impression of being industry experts and makes the public feel as though they can trust your company, the products and services it offers, and the way it handles its business.

Untitled design (57).png

Anthocyanin pigment color design

Lilac purple color design

Blueberry blue color design

Peony's pink color design

Packing design

In a competitive marketplace, the packaging is so much more than just placing your product in a box — it’s an opportunity to “wow” your customer! Make opening your package and experience. Showing your customers that you went the extra mile will make a great impression. This can be done in small but impressive gestures such as perfumed a thank you card, stickers, or like in this case - creating an eye-catching, vivid exterior packaging design.

G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (16
G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (20

Brochure design

When it comes to brochures, it’s all about the design. A great design will compel your audience to read all about what you’re doing. This brochure was designed to represent a new company's visual identitiy, also to hold quite a lot of information, like product categories, slogans, addresses, rental info and etc.  Also, we set two CTA triggers -the brochure is inviting a viewer to start his own business with a special starter pack or shop online with a special first-time discount.


Cup design

Salon pillows


Profesional company presentation

People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal.  A professional-looking corporate introduction will certainly increase the trust of customers or investors, also represent the brand as a professional and trustworthy business partner. Company introduction presentation slides are created in the digital version as the client has often the need to send them to beauty salons and for self-employed nail care technicians. Introduces the company and its values, professionally represent business cooperation opportunities, different product lines, and product benefits. Introduces new company positioning, e-shop, and visual identity. 

G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (21

Merchandise branding

New visual identity perfectly fits into new corporate merchandise designs, gives a fresh and modern techy look, maintains consistency in all the brand elements.

New website design

A modern, and professional-looking website now is a critical component for any business to stay competitive or for a new player to take its place and share in the market. A user-friendly and well-designed e-shop was one of the strategic goals for this rebranding. We built a light, modern, and feminism support inspired new website design, thus shaping a much more modern and professional company look. Frontpage was completely redesigned with an ultra-clean layout, well-constructed structure, and eye-catchy graphics and videos.



G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (2)

Watch live




Social media branding


Advertising examples


Outdoor salon logo


Paper bags

G-style Beauty branding by Brand Lab (18

Work book


Gift cards


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