Nature-inspired brand new logo for a Lithuanian fertilizer manufacturer and distributor 

Color logo with background.png



Logo uplift

Brand new logo modernized with more calm and modern colors and simplified changing capital letters into small. The rounded corners of the new logo letters symbolize the softness and cyclicality of nature. Brand new icon speaks loud about the client agro sector and symbolizes grow, and plants shapes.



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Color logo with background.png

Color palette uplift

The new color palette brings more mood and highlights identity. The main logo is white with dar blueberry blue plant fragment, an alternative version - complete white and black. A clean, modern logo design inspired by nature plants shapes.

Alternative new logo versions

Color logo with background.png

Paper bags

Bussines card


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Product brochure design

As the client aimed to use just one sticker per package, foil packaging for larger product amounts is chosen for its hermetic characteristics, paper bags do not hold so strong, and when we talk about lyophilization the product's crispiness is everything. Front product labeling stickers are designed very similarly to the logo just adding product names, grams and framing all information into the solid ripe raspberry color.