"GROUND"/ Hand signed

"SHAPING NATURE" - it's a 17 digital artworks set created by artist Karolina Jarmalyte. Collection is inspired by animals, plants, fungus (moshrooms), minerals and bacteria kingdoms and also nature elements. These amazing worlds and connections that we sapiens and nature kingdom have is remarkable.  I found all those things very interesting so I am inviting You to watch my virtual exhibition below and dive info nature shapes, lines and soundless color melodies.


Here You see the first artwork GROUND 


Soil - the upper layer of the Earth's crust, formed in surface rocks (sediments), exposed to water, air, organisms. Soil consists of mineral, organic and organic-mineral substances. The source of minerals is native rock. Organic matter in the soil is of plant and animal origin. Due to the interaction of mineral and organic, complex organic-mineral compounds are formed. Soil or soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids and organisms, sustaining life. Earth's body of soil, called the pedosphere, has four important functions: as a medium for plant growth, as a means of water storage, supply and purification, as a modifier of Earth's atmosphere,as a habitat for organisms. The work depicts the delicate world of soil in its shapes, lines and color palette.

"GROUND"/ Hand signed

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