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Interview with Fashion Blogger

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

God, how I adore falling in love in colors every spring again and again! To discover their colorfulness, playfulness, and connection every single time. So I love to discover new people who have mastered this magic of colors! That magic, when you feel a burst of energy while looking at work, and the most sincere smile appears on your face, your heart fills with sunlight and you feel as if you are wandering along the blue coast of the ocean! So I discovered Karolina this spring.

Color saturation and the courage to rediscover yourself. That’s how I would name the first impression of seeing Karolina’s work on textiles, canvas, and porcelain. And I believe that a whole bunch of ideas is already spinning in her creative mind, on new visions, and how to implement art on new materials.

When creating, she colors her life with the richest palettes of colors. It was why I became very curious to talk about her lifestyle and her life full of colors.

Karolina, tell me, when did you discover art and illustration in your life?

Although I am a newcomer to art and have been seriously engaged in painting for only a few years, I am connected d to art from my childhood. When I realized that I see and feel the world much more sensitively and deeply than other children. Creativity is a lifetime relationship and connection, there is no single stage when it knocks on the door. There is only that stage when art rushes hard from within that she can no longer resist. I was surrounded by art at work and my leisure. For the last years, I have been working as a head of creative at - the first news portal in a country, expressing myself in hundreds of creative projects by creating various marketing strategies, projects, Facebook apps, new portals, and interactive solutions, while painting in my spare time after time. I loved my work really much, but the time for big changes has come, so I decided that I had the determination and to implement one much more complex personal project - become a full-time artist. So, I started to create more intensively, I turned to art literature, created social media channels, and website/e-shop for my art. I painted acrylic paintings and also discovered the illustration of clothes and porcelain - I really liked everything! So I am developing these branches intensively at the moment, but the painting goes in parallel. I don't like monotony in my life or work, so it was very important for me to experiment and the idea of ​​trying new surfaces seemed very appealing.

What inspires you?

For me, beautiful is what is real, simple, unplayed, and capacious. Small everyday things: for example dogs playing in the meadow, raindrops dancing recital on the glass windows, a bustling company of friends, lovers hugging on the street, the sea, or in a wind dancing tree leaves or plastic bag. I deliberately do not seek creative inspiration, I am demanding of myself, I work a lot. I do this with love and sincerity. To create - You must open yourself, it’s not always easy. But supporting people inspires, and the work done fills the soul, then all the energy doubles. In my free time, I still like extreme sports, so I try to go to some ocean as often as possible and jump into the waves or the mountains with a board - when you are just and harsh nature. These are the places where you visit especially good emotions, recharge your special energy. So, I am inspired by life.

What changes in life have been greatest in creating your current lifestyle?

For almost a decade I had been working in the field of advertising for almost a decade, and for the last five years in a prestigious Lithuanian news company. Hundreds of projects, famous people every day at the office, luxury parties, creative leadership position, it would seem from the side - what more could you wish for. But the day has come when I felt full of all that vanity things and started a new, now complex project - painting. Everything has changed. Complete freedom has come, a time of calmness, now I have no longer to run, now I can just live in my own rhythm. I see the time of the year slowly changing, I have time to travel, create, and live my own life. So, I go through a whole new, beautiful phase when I do what is precious, capacious, and nourishes the soul. I am more than happy to be able to find how beautiful things arrive in mine and other people's journeys.


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