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Interview for ''Panele'' magazine and website

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Painter, illustrator, and marketing specialist Karolina Jarmalyte (30) presented the first exhibition of her paintings in the gallery several years ago. However, she still hesitantly called the artist's vocation a leisure activity, because, during that day, she held the position of a responsible, creative manager. Today, Carolina is freed from responsibilities and draws the colors of life with her palms full of her hands, in which her real talent is revealed.

Karolina, you are a man of the creative soul, now you do not let go of the brush. What did your search path look like until you realized that painting is a pure balm for the soul? The connection with art was still in my childhood - then I realized that I see and feel the world much more sensitively, more profound than others. It’s a lifelong connection, not a single stage where creativity knocks on the door. There is only that stage when she pushes so hard from within that she can no longer resist. My path to creativity is just beginning.

Some time ago, you decided to get out of a safe job and do only your favorite activities. Then you didn’t know what was waiting for you. Have you ever regretted such a move on your part?

I did not regret it. How is it possible to regret discovering yourself? (Smiles.) All the heights of career and the dreams formed by us in the media from an early age, what we should become, fade against that magic when we discover ourselves, surrender to it, and dive into civilization by dipping ourselves into purity. This is special.

How has your routine changed since you became your operations director?

Everything has changed. Suddenly the time subsided, and complete freedom arose. No more running away, there is time to live and build. True, new, lesser-known shades have emerged, but it provides an excellent opportunity to improve, to take a closer look at the business. I am currently going through a whole new, beautiful phase of doing what nourishes the soul. I’m glad it’s starting to find things that draw a smile in other people’s eyes.

Your paintings and drawings are usually colorful, bright, cheerful. What are your muses and inspiration? Where are you looking for colors when your mind is blindly gray?

I don’t chase muses, I work quietly in my attic, and the work bears fruit. If the day is gray, listening to Brock Berriganoo’s music opens up and is already unquestionable in itself, as one contrast, and, look, the first layer of visas. My life is life, and inspiration and participants: trips, gamma, people, delicious food, hugs, memories, adventures! Living is good, unfortunately, sometimes tired of routine or forgotten, and when they find it again, the layers are transparent and inspiring.

Art today is becoming more and more important in people's lives; it is getting closer to the person himself. From galleries, he moves into our daily routine and routine. How do you understand art and its meaning? Who is a talented artist for you?

Part of my answer lies in your well-asked question. Art closer to man - that is why I started painting on clothes. So art moves us, nourishes the soul, and encourages us to dream. I think it is crucial to find a place for him in his life. No matter what it is - painting, music, plasticine, writing, or whatever. The most important thing is not the art form, but what you want to say, what message and energy emanate from it. There are such masterpieces of art that you stand up, look at a picture, and want to cry. There are songs, dances, or books that touch where you can’t reach your hand. That is art, that is its meaning. To knock and bring to the surface our own depth.

At first, you painted on canvas, but later you touched the ceramics, then also the clothes and accessories. What does it mean to paint on different structures? How do you tame things and understand what your drawing would fit on?

Experimenting is very important to me when creating, so the idea of trying new surfaces seemed very appealing. I tried the illustration of clothes, accessories, and porcelain - I enjoyed everything! I am currently developing these branches intensively, and the painting goes in parallel. Different textures require different techniques, skills, ideas, what works for one, does not suit the other at all, so it encourages the search for solutions, moves not only the senses but also thinking.

It is, however, possible to learn creativity? What kind of people do you think are worth going into this search path?

If you want to create, you have to be quite broad-minded, open to the world, ideas, and depth. It is possible to learn and achieve everything we can imagine. It is never too late to start realizing your dreams. There are plenty of artists in history who began painting in the later century. For example, the famous Van Gogh started to paint only in his mid-20s, and his friend Gogen painted his first masterpiece when he was 40, so it is only too late when we are gone. It is worth going down all the ways we feel starving. That desire in us is not in vain. It leads us somewhere. Dreams don’t matter your age or status; you just need to give in to them. Skaitykite daugiau:


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