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  • Karolina Jarmalyte

The Art of Hand Painted Paddle Board

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


I need to experiment with everything, so the idea of testing new surfaces and working with mixed media come out to be very attractive. Earlier I worked with textile, leather, and porcelain illustration. So then DEVA ARTIS SUP came to me with this new project and invited me to try painting on a wooden sup board that seems to be like a fantastic idea! You can see a before and after result here!

Different textures require different techniques, skills, and ideas. What fits one material, does not fit for another one, so it prompts you to look for new solutions and media. So all these challenges stir up all your sensations and thinking trajectories. But I believe that we just need to keep making new things and one day we might surprise ourselves by where we end up.

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