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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Through my work, I strive to encourage the viewer to live more resolutely and pursue dreams. To be happy, bold, real, and open.” says painter Karolina Jarmalyte. A few years ago, she decided to enter a new phase of her life by dipping her head into the art world.

For the sake of your dream, you gave up work. Was it scary to take such a step? After all, the artist's path is not very stable. Not stable and earnings For the last decade, I have worked in marketing and sales areas, five years at I held three extremely intensive positions there, from project and sales team manager to creative and interactive solutions manager. Over the period, I have developed and implemented a variety of marketing strategies with clients from a variety of profiles, so the variety of experience baggage amplitude has made it easy to apply all of this to build my business. The decision to go into creative work was born little by little, but it was always accompanied by an inner expectation of being where I am now. There was a period of several years when I had corporate work on the day and painting in the evening. Naturally, it happened that my work was getting more and more interested. I soon realized that another phase of change was approaching, and right now, my chance to make my dream come true. I was convinced that comfortable living limits me, so I gave up all my privileges, steady, guaranteed salary, duties, social status, and went out to paint. There was no detailed plan on how and what I would do then, but the direction was clear. I began to intensively paint and develop creative projects, set up my own website, and e-shop, put together business and marketing strategies, started various colorations. Then there was no time to think about fears.

How did art come about in your life? Did you grow up in a creative family?

In essence, art is a lifelong process; there is no single stage where creativity knocks to your door. There is only a stage when creativity is so intense from within that she is no longer worth resisting. As far as I can remember, I always sketched, but it wasn't serious. There were no creative breakthroughs in the family, either. So, I learned everything on my own. We live in great times: if you want to learn something, there are more than enough examples and information about everything is just a few clicks of the mouse. I tried painting about ten years ago, but it was a rare game, and six years ago, I started to paint much more seriously, and where we will see it all, my path to creation is just beginning.

How did your loved ones respond to your determination to quit your job and immerse yourself in creativity? Didn't try to talk?

There was no doubt a shock to everyone, but I was always quite outspoken and rarely afraid of making mistakes, so it intrigued me rather than surprised me.

What has changed in your life since this step?

Everything has changed. Suddenly, time stopped, and there was complete freedom to act. There was no need to run; there was time to live and to create. It is true that new, less familiar shades, such as business start-ups, have also emerged. Still, they have provided an excellent opportunity for improvement and a closer look at the business. I went through a whole new, beautiful phase of doing just what has meaning.

You are not a typical artist. Not only do you paint, but you also illustrate fashion, interior, furniture. How did that idea come about?

I think it's an echo of past knowledge and experience. I avoid monotony, so I create different projects. Projects come. Naturally, I get a lot of offers from various brands and companies. I like to incorporate art into unexpected scenarios and materials. Currently, I am very interested in architectural painting—even a little avant-garde. When a spontaneous abstract artwork begins on the floor, then he flows through walls and ceilings, and along the way, it meets a piece of furniture or interior details.


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