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I will start this topic with a famous quote from Junot Diaz:

"The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to art.''' Junot Diaz

Art makes our home more human, capturing our gaze for a moment invites us to stop and take a look. From immemorial times, art at home has defined the worldview, social status, or even political views of the people who live there. Well-chosen artworks can become a sign of very good or very poor taste. For a work to be considered as a tasteful work of art, it does not have to be very expensive or made by a famous artist. Any painting you can find that touches you and talks to you is a great choice for your home. Art can show your creative side and reveal more about you and your taste or reveal your personal views. So choose what you really like, not what is trendy. Trends are temporary, but one painting that you really love can change your relationship with art.

Painting is an element that can help unite space and make it complete. The key is to choose a work of art that matches your home decorating style. Well-chosen art can also slow down time, develop sensations, and develop imagination. Every home needs something that will grab attention in a second. Art used as an accent can be a great choice. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to set it out and emphasize it properly. The home can be decorated with a wide variety of works of art, the most important thing is harmony, knowledge, and commonality with space. If the walls of the room are painted or covered only with wallpaper, it does not mean that its interior decor is already finished. Paintings, sculptures, graphic works, unique hand-painted walls, photographs, a large, beautifully framed mirror, or a souvenir from your trips will help to complete the interior of the room.

The correct arrangement of decorative elements on the walls provides an opportunity to hide their unevenness and even some flaws in the decoration of the apartment. The carefully selected color range of the painting will give life to space, highlight the colors of curtains, walls, furniture upholstery. All of the things listed apply to any work of art, both traditional and abstract. Modern apartments are usually furnished with modern, standard furniture, which goes well with different styles of paintings. However, not every painting will fit in an apartment whose interior is dominated by antique furniture, you will have to look for a more cohesive harmony here. Only experimentation and a joyful process here will be your best advisors.

The strict and dark interior goes well with the vivid, bright, even eye-catching colors of the paintings, as well as the cold, strict manner painted portraits. The interiors, painted in light, pastel tones, go well with the light, optimistic, bright gamma-painted peaceful calm paintings and flower bouquets. Sculptures can help give your interior a visual weight that helps reveal the tone and style of the room. Rough textures bring intimacy to space and ground it, giving the room a lot of softness and lightness.

most important thing is that the selected works of art will make you happy, provide pleasure, make you stop for at least a minute, and admire the beauty of now moment.

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Yellow neon sweatshirt "Modern Human "

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