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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The kitchen, a place where we spend quite a lot of time, it is a special place in the house where we cook and get together in the mornings and evenings. Paintings can completely change your kitchen space - give it a different atmosphere, fill it, and make Your mornings more creative standing with a cup of coffee while looking into a piece of art. Art as an accent can be a great choice accomplishing your kitchen interior.

The well-chosen color range of the painting will give life to your kitchen, highlight the colors of cabinets, furniture, kitchen greens, and dishes.

In apartments we usually find kitchens equipped in a modern style, so they are very well matching with various styles of painting. Only experimentation and a joyful process will be your best advisors. No matter your style, budget, or kitchen setup, we can find at least a few looks that potentially fits into your space. Kitchens are expensive to renovate, so paintings or art prints can bring a lot of color and style without a big cost. If your cabinets don’t stretch all the way to the ceiling, feel free to treat their tops as an art ledge, where you can lean paintings, photographs, or even showcase a collection or if you do have kitchen cabinets stretch all the way to the ceiling use space between the cabinetry where you hold the cutting boards or oils. The beautiful tray, an old recipe book, candles, oils poured into beautiful glass bottles, cutting boards, black and white pictures, spices, linen towels, flowers, clay dishes, and paintings will make your kitchen a cozy, unique, and luxurious piece of art by itself.

All you have to do is use your imagination, visit the local pottery or boutique shops and for sure you will discover something that is particularly suitable and affordable for your home. I'm inviting you to experiment and create unexpected combinations it will create uniqueness and will surprise you.

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