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We really like house with history and their own spirit

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Karolina Jarmalytė and Edvinas Underavicius are creating their home without rush and sudden transformations. Karolina, who moved in with her beloved last fall, says that home was filed with male energy, now are more filling with feminine and art energy.

According to Karolina, harmony is very important in the interior, and it is important don't forget the bright accents.

Karolina is a painter and marketing strategist, and Edvinas works at a bank operations as a team leader. The day we talked to a woman at their home, Edvinas told radio listeners about his special experience - he has walked 800 km of temple road in Japan (a total of 1,400 km of Japanese road known as Shikoku pilgrimage road of 88 temples). The Lithuanian was encouraged to go on a Shikoku road by old Japanese pilgrim met in Spain while traveling at St. Jacob road.

"So we're both artistic souls and striving for something more," says Karolina. True, when the man marched in Japan, the two were not yet familiar. They met when after the trip, Edvinas came to Karolina's studio to order a painting.

House with a history

The couple live in an old apartment building in the canter of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, according to sources, built in 1940's. “I really like houses with history, their have a spirit. Modern buildings are beautiful and comfortable, but I more like this - with a charming ancient staircase. And the convenience we create ourselves, ”says Karolina. Earlier, for five years, she lived in a loft at the city canter, in an old house, and admits it was a little unfortunate to move out. The interlocutor likes that this new apartment, as is typical of old buildings, has really high ceilings - three and a half meters high.

“I love the space, and I'm very happy about the high ceiling.'' Cool neighbours also delight. They often come to the guests, we go swimming with waterboards together, ”says the interlocutor.

The balcony turned green

The hostess is glad that the house is qualitatively repaired, water supply and other systems are working perfectly. Heating is central, and hot water is heated individually by the residents. The apartment has sealed windows - when closed, street noise does not bother. Fortunately, in the evenings, the heavy traffic calms down, so you can dine quietly on the green cosy balcony with a view to Tauras hill and it's accessed.

While Edvinas lived alone, the balcony was empty. Now there is outdoor furniture, flowers, and in the evenings it's shape is emphasized by a garland of glowing light bulbs.

"It's our oasis of peace and cosiness," says Karolina. She loves flowers very much. “When there are houseplants in the house, I feel closer to nature. It often happens that when I go for the food, I back with the pot full of new flowers. I love cacti, tropical plants. It's warm in our apartment, so they like it here too."

Freedom to creativity

The 65-square furnished apartment with Edvinas bought from an interior designer, so it has a nice design.

The apartment has three separate spaces: a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom with a wardrobe, and a guest/art studio room, where a couple's relatives living abroad come to Lithuania to stay. The guest room also houses a Carolina painting studio with an easel, lots of paint bottles, brushes, and other artist supplies.

Karolina says they both value unique and high-quality designer products. These include the black metal Atollo table lamp on the windowsill, designed in 1977 by Italian designer Vico Magistretti. Called the archetype of table lamps, the product has won many international awards.

The lamp hanging above the dining table is from the Moooi collection. It's openwork hoods of modern design are made of carbon fibber. The highlight of the living room is Karolina's painting ''Movement'', which is illuminated by a black Master Funiculi floor lamp by renowned Spanish designer Lluís Porqueras. Velvet coated Sancal living room sofa Tiptoe is the work of promising furniture designer Rafa Garcia. The fact that the apartment was furnished by a professional designer is evidenced, among other things, by the original wall of the living room composed of rhombus form mirror. The apartment has oak floors, after which it is very nice to walk barefoot.

“We like the harmony of design, quality, and aesthetics, so we are looking for exclusive items when creating our home. These criteria can be met by works created by well-known designers and quite simple, cost a few euros. We drink water from low cost but interesting glasses purchased in the supermarket, ”the hostess shows.

One wall of the website was dedicated to the works of contemporary Lithuanian artists. There is already a portrait of Labrador drawn by the twin brothers, presenting Egyboy, a painting by the artist Akvilė Magicdust ,work by the famous artist Vladas Mackevičius and other works.

Everything is compatible

Karolina, who previously worked in advertising and media, has been living at his own pace for about three years - he is a freelance marketing strategist, founder and designer of her art e-shop, and painter.

“I think I managed to achieve an atypically harmonious balance in business. I'm rotating my activities: one week I paint at home and develop creative projects, the next one - I'm on marketing consultations, communicating with customers, meeting with companies. I think I couldn't go back to where the working hours and routine are set, ”the young businesswoman opens.

The couple has two dogs. Labrador Congo and Maltese Dog Cookie, which got his name from internet cookies who are constantly following you just like a dog. The dogs are similar in that they are senior-aged and the same light fur colour.

Karolina says she enjoys working scrupulously, intensely, and has more than enough ideas and activities. One of her projects is to use various objects as a canvas for painting: clothes, handbags, dishes, computer and violin cases, or even 3-meters long paddle boards. “By doing so I move the art closer to the human beings, and each drawing is unique,” ​​says the creator.

Lately, Karolina has become more focused on creating paintings. She also organizes painting workshops for corporate events, collaborates with well known brands like Thermo Fisher Scientific . “The pace is really high, so I think very well before embarking on new projects,” says the active woman, adding that when you do what you love, the projects roll by themselves one after the other. "I don't force anything, everything flows naturally. Recently, together with local manufacturer of hanging chairs, we launched a chairs project with prints of my paintings on pillows edition," says the interlocutor.

In the tidy art studio, the paint is arranged according to colours, and there are not many paintings she painted, as they quickly find a new home. "I allow buyers to take a painting home and "to try it out "- I advise to them live with them for a week, drink coffee, take a look and make sure that the work is suitable for them. I think it's important, explains the artist. Some of her paintings are expressive, intense colours - the creator was gladly surprised to feel that Lithuanians like colours. By the way, if you look at more than one painting of Karolina, in some you will discover the Lithuanian flag tricolour.

Simple good

Artist says that in life she values what is real, simple, sincere. The couple's pets live friendly together at home - Edvinas Labrador Kongo and Karolina's maltase Cookie. "Meaning can be found in small things. Like comes the dog and sits on the knees, and that's enough to feel the fullness. I love that feeling. ”she says.

The couple who like to cook in a small kitchen also use a wide window sill as a workbench, especially when turning here in two. Edvinas has not eaten meat in a long time, and Karolina tastes it less and less. "Where else can you find people who prepare a sweet potato snack for three hours: cut, soak, fry?" - laughs Karolina.

They are also very fond of spending time in nature, both snowboarding, waterboarding, and kite surfing, and surfing. "On the weekends we often visit Edvin's father's raspberry farm. While listening to podcasts we tie the raspberries sprouts and the dogs are running around freely. For us, this is the best rest, "said the interviewee.


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