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  • Karolina Jarmalytė


Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I will share with you 9 ''Zen'' bedroom ideas, which will turn your bedroom a real oasis of sleep and rest allowing you to enjoy a better quality night's sleep.

The bedroom is the place where you start and end your day, your bedroom is for rest and tranquility, time - when you need to take care of yourself, and, of course, get the proper sleep. But sometimes it seems that inner peace in the bedroom is completely unattainable. By redesigning the decor in your bedroom, you can bring more peace and increase the quality of sleep. Start thinking of your bedrooms as an oasis of relaxation and reflection that helps you gather strength for the day ahead. So, below are nine “ZEN” steps that will help turn your bedroom into a real sleep and harmony sanctuary.


You can create a cozy environment with the kind of textiles you want to touch. Boldly create a harmonious atmosphere with cushions of various textures and patterns, cozy blankets, ornate linens, or floor mats. Using soft fabrics and a variety of dreamy textures, you will create your own temple where you can rest and relax.


Close your eyes and take your thoughts to a place where you feel easy and harmonious. Maybe it’s the ocean, maybe the mountains, or maybe the tropical oasis? Incorporate this theme into your bedroom. Nature always inspires relaxation. Combining forest details, family portraits, or sea view with the interior can get modern, calm twists and turn your bedroom into a lovely oasis of peace.


At the end of the day - the bed is the best place to relax, but if you want to raise the level of comfort, be sure to consider the cozy and comfortable sitting areas integration ideas into your bedroom. It can become a great place for evening meditation, for time to yourself with a cup of tea, rather than scrolling the phone, or maybe a cozy corner for reading a book. Such a cozy corner can be created just with several pillows and a couple of candles or a hanging hammock. Bench at the ends of bed or set of armchairs will perfectly fit for this, the most important while creating to give a green light to your imagination. Admire your personal wishes and look at your room space with a fresh glance.


To enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom, choose accents of neutral colors. Larger abstract paintings in natural colors hung at eye level are very recommended. They adding a fresh look to the bedroom with their color scheme. The sleeping area is for relaxation, so the artworks should reflect that