"SHAPING NATURE" - it's a seventeen digital artworks set created by artist Karolina Jarmalyte. The collection is inspired by animals, plants, fungus (mushrooms), minerals and bacteria kingdoms, and also nature elements. These fantastic worlds and connections that we sapiens and nature kingdom have are remarkable. During two months of quarantine, I was surrounded by forest, lakes, birds, and wild animals. I rediscovered this special connection in the new fantastic way and expressed all my thoughts, feelings, and visions through lines, colors, and shapes in my artworks. Paintings also illustrate five elements in Chinese philosophy  - Wuxing. It's five types of chi dominating at different times: wood (木 mù), fire (火 huǒ), earth (土 tǔ), metal (金 jīn) and water (水 shuǐ). The doctrine of the five elements has two aspects. The cycle of rising (生 shēng) describes how the elements arise from each other: fire comes from a tree, fire from the earth, metal from the earth, water from metal, and a tree from water. And the cycle of destruction (克 kè) is defined as the elements destroying each other: the tree overcomes the earth, the earth overcomes water, water overcomes fire, fire overcomes metal, metal overcomes wood. I found all those things exciting, so I am inviting You to watch my virtual exhibition below and dive info nature shapes, lines, and soundless color melodies.

iscentruota 50,5x70,5 cm spaudai (3).png
iscentruota 50,5x70,5 cm spaudai (2).png