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Raspberry drupelet shape inspired logo for a small raspberry family farm in Lithuania





The main logo is white, an alternative version - ripe raspberry red color matched with white. A clean logo design inspired by raspberry drupelet rounded shapes. Hand-drew raspberries, drawn with sepal leave empowers freshness, health, and vitality meanings. The logo also communicates the essential selling points, such as a decade of experience in growing raspberries, and that product is a superfood grown in a local farm based in Lithuania.


Color palette

Ripe raspberry red color matched with classic white and black colors.

Product labeling stickers

As the client aimed to use just one sticker per package, foil packaging for larger product amounts is chosen for its hermetic characteristics, paper bags do not hold so strong, and when we talk about lyophilization the product crispiness is everything. Front product labeling stickers are designed very similarly to the logo just adding product names, grams and framing all information into the solid ripe raspberry color. 

LIofilizuotos avietes 110 mm bordo.png

Small product jars

This smaller amount of packing is for shops, and here we show client product strength, such as exceptional big size, good structure  - whole shaped berries after the lyophilization process, and of course beautiful ripe red, healthy raspberry color. Transparent jars filled with lyophilized raspberries work as backgrounds themselves. In the front, we use white high-quality, transparent stickers with a bit of texture for a touching experience, in the top raspberry red stickers to accomplish the look.  As parents like to give this healthy snack to their kids, this smaller jar was also chosen to comfortably fit into the children's hands.

LIofilizuotos avietes baltas transparent
Liofilizuotos 5 cm bordo.png

Paper bags


Raspberry farm

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