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For two years, I immersed myself in the world of painting and social experiment by leading my painting studio in Vilnius. This was my side project from my main work. Studio was open to everyone with no prior skills for brushstrokes and for already in relation with painting, the goal was to re/discover the magic of creation & emancipate the inner creator & break the social convictions formed at a very early age that oil painting is only for super talented people. With each stroke of colour, we delicately nurtured not just their artistic skills but also their self-assurance that WE CAN BE WHATEVER WE WANT IN LIFE, painting is also just a very historically deified skill and has rules just like math, once you learn & understand them, you break your convictions & rediscover entirely new world existing. Encouraging them to release the shackles of conventional teachings, I whispered that within every individual resides a boundless creator. Over 2 years of passage of time, an art piece emerged, crafted from the paint my students left after lessons, I found this idea sustainable & exciting because I never knew what colours I would receive next time after the lesson. This painting was created using oil, acrylic paints and other media.

"Narrative of stroke" / 2021- 2023

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