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  • Karolina Jarmalytė

Kybo hanging chairs

Recently, together with local manufacturer of hanging chairs, we launched a hanging chairs project with prints of my paintings on pillows edition.

''Exclusive hand made “KYBO” hanging chair with Karolina Jarmalyte artwork “Movement” print on the pillow. Beautiful art collaboration of two handy Lithuanian creators, great opportunity to decorate your home by a new and functional indoor element. The hanging seat not only adorns and enlivens your home interior, but it also creates a cozy space for your leisure and relaxation moments while swinging in it.

KYBO hanging chair – it is a unique handmade high quality product signed perfectly for relaxing at your home.''


• Material: polyester fabric, metal hoop, cotton ropes

• Load capacity: 264 lbs (120 kg)

• Measures: the inner diameter of the seat is Ø 34.6 in (88 cm)

• Hanging space required : minimum floor space 7 feet. Ideal floor space 8 feet (2.4 m. Ideal 3 m)

• Rope length : 6 feet × 0.39 in (200 cm x 1 cm)

• Webbing rope : 1.57 in × 6.56 ft (4 cm x 200 cm)

• Weight of products: 22 lbs (10 kg)

• 1 x Big pillow (120 cm x 70 cm)

• Color : LIGHT GREY