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KAROLINA JARMALYTE (b. 1987, Lithuania)  is an abstract and impressionist painter located in Vilnius city, Lithuania. Her artistic practice is a response to the colors, experiences, feelings, findings, and composition of her life. With the help of acrylic paint and other media, she creates bold contemporary acrylic paintings, illustrates fashion, decorates by hand porcelain, and experiments with a lot of different materials. The postmodern digital world in which more and more artificial perfection is being promoted as the natural state of human and natural beauty is seen as an ineffectiveness; I would love to set a reminder with my artworks for the viewers about the necessity of diverse existence and importance of imperfect, simple, colorful, real and capacious human happiness. Through my work, I hope to invoke a connection for my viewers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at

Let's Make Your Brand Unique!

By merging her creative skills and 12 years of marketing and communication experience, we can make Your brand become more attractive to Your clients, contemporary, bold, and eloquent. Does Your brand has a story and a clear visual identity?  Clear marketing strategy? Or maybe needs logo update or some new creative products with a little bit of art touch? We can help You with all that. We love to experiment and integrate art in unexpected scenarios & branding, call us!


2014/08 First solo exhibition „Activated colors “ gallery "GALERA", Vilnius, Lithuania
2015/08 Head of creative & interactive at
2016/02 Laptop & Tablet Cases with paintings prints, Lithuania
2016/09 Collaboration with the magazine "TAVO VAIKAS" / Cover background
2017/05 Solo exposition at "Green Hall" restaurant, Vilnius
2017/08 Hand illustrated T-shirt for singer Monika Linkyte "Gal tai meile" music clip
2017/09 Interview publication for "Panele" magazine
2017/12  Hand Painted  5 m. paddleboard for
2018/05 Interview for Lithuanian national "Good morning, Lithuania"
2018/05 First painting sold to Poland costumer
2018/06 Collaboration with, hanging chairs with artwork prints on pillows 
2018/06 Collaboration with / hand-painted belt bag
2018/06 Theater poster for performance "SEEN", Alytus city theater
2018/06 Interview publication for
2018/06 "Magnum" ice cream ambassador/ fashion illustration classes event for celebrities
2018/07 First painted portrait sold to USA, Boston costumer
2018/09 Solo exposition at "ART HUB"  in Kaunas, Lithuania
2018/12 Most expensive painting sold at charity auction "Most expensive breakfast in the world"
2019/07 Interview publication for "Moteris" magazine
2019/11 Publication in "L'Officiel" Lithuania magazine /  What's new?
2019/11 Publication in "Mano namai" magazine/sofa + painting
2019/06 Fashion illustration classes for "Thermo Fisher Scientific" corporate event
2019/12  Painting classes for "Thermo fisher scientific"  corporate event
2020/04 Virtual exposition of digital artworks collection "SHAPING NATURE" 
2020/05 Pop up store at the shopping mall "Gallerie Centers" in Riga, Latvia


2008/09  AB FlyLAL - Lithuanian Airlines \ Sales manager 

2008/2010 FRC Media Lithuania \ Key Account Manager

2010/2012 Epasas group\ Project Manager 

2012/2014 Delfi Lithuania\ Key Account Manager

2014/2015 Delfi Lithuania \ Head of Sales Team

2015/2016 Delfi Lithuania \ Head of Creative & Interactive 

2017/2020 Personal ART E-shop and Bussiness \ Founder and Owner

2018/2020 Conresta \ Outsourced Marketing  and Communication Strategist

2018/2020 Conresta  \ Full rebranding and marketing strategy


Paint Your lifestyle mood & spread colors around You!

Painting & Design 
Art classes
Fashion illustration 

Marketing strategy
Content marketing & Communication
Website build
Video production
Social media & Media planning
Interactive digital solutions 
Projects development & management 
Statistic analysis & case studies
Presentation skills & Financial reports
Event Management


her story.

Painting "Movement"


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